The Turning Point Stories Project is about those moments in our lives that change us forever.

It might be an event: a birth, a death, an accident, or a milestone like graduation or retirement. It might be meeting someone who changed your life. It might be a decision you made one day that from now on, things were going to be different.

Turning point stories are tales of transformation, of people and communities who turned their lives around — sometimes because they decided to, sometimes because circumstances forced them to act.

People are a lot more powerful than they realize, or than they give themselves credit for. I’ve seen ordinary people do extraordinary things. There are comeback stories out there that you can hardly believe. They’re far more inspiring than anything I could make up.

I’m looking for stories where someone has emerged from a major life event — a tragedy, a crisis, a particularly dark period in their lives, whatever it was that changed them — and come out on the other side a different person, stronger and seasoned by the experience. Maybe what emerged was a determination to change things, or a greater appreciation and deeper gratitude for the gift of life.

There are some thresholds that, once you’ve crossed them, you can never go back. You are not that person anymore. Those are the stories I’m drawn to listen to, and to tell. This is a project to chronicle the moments that have transformed our lives.

If you have a story to contribute, or know someone who might be interested in this project, please email me at turningpointstories@gmail.com. Recognizing the vulnerability inherent in entrusting someone with our stories, content will only be published with contributor consent.


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those moments in life that change everything

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