30 minute challenge…go!

When I have to do something I’m dreading, I do it in 30 minutes. My mother used to say, “You can do anything for two weeks.” She has more patience and persistence than I do. I can commit 30 minutes, tops, to something I don’t want to do.

Set the timer for 30:00 and just do it – whatever it is. It’s a foolproof strategy for making sure I give it my focused, intense effort and actually enjoy it — so much so that I’m sorry to see those 30 minutes come to end. Most of the time, I keep right on going for another 30 minutes, or longer, if I have time. If I don’t have more time, setting the timer ensures that I work with maximum efficiency.

Call it one of my “Traumatic Brain Injury Life Hacks.” I’ve got hundreds of those little workarounds. I’m pretty sure that every person who has made it through the unfamiliar territory of life after TBI has their own catalogue of coping strategies. In fact, I bet most anybody who has had to make big changes in their life has their own version of this list:

☆ Things that I have learned that make life easier

☆ Ways of working with, through, and around obstacles and limitations

☆ What I’ve discovered through trial and error

We live and we learn. When we are faced with a major life change, we have to relearn what seemed easy before. We have to learn new things. This is the way transformation happens. This is the potential hidden in every turning point.


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